Looking for a great summer read? Pick up Rorschach’s Ribs, by Marcus Eder.

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Escher Smallwater can’t sleep in. That’s the least of his problems. Two years shy of thirty and recently laid off from his job in advertising, Escher has a lot to deal with in his life right now. Forced to make some changes since losing his job, his lifestyle is gone and suddenly the American Dream seems more like a nightmare. As Corporate Charlie bares his darker side by way of recessions and hiring freezes, Escher has found himself with more time to reassess his life, and he’s mad as hell. He will never be a rock star or date a supermodel. He doesn’t get carded at bars anymore, teenagers now think of him as creepy, and he prefers VH1 over MTV. He’s never been in love, his career path has essentially disappeared and somehow, he and his neighbors have inadvertently become the drug kingpins of St. Louis. A life once filled with Ikea catalogs and cubicles now consist of consumer guerillaism, lesbian strippers and a gold-toothed thug named “Mo-Mo”. All this and an impending high school reunion. Maintaining a sense of humor while exploring the darker side of contemporary culture, Rorschach’s Ribs explores what happens when the first generation destined to do worse than their parents grows old and starts questioning the American Dream. Through an eccentric, colorful cast of characters and a sharp cynical wit, Rorschach’s Ribs delves into a world of layoffs, recessions, target markets and the underbelly of capitalism.

marcus blog pics

Go here to buy the book

Marcus also has a blog here

I suggest checking out his blog first so you can see what his style of writing is and it will soon become obvious what a way with words he has. His book will suck you in from page one and hold tight till the end.  He also has a great band called Strawfoot which you can check out here. Don’t say I never did anything for ya.

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