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Amy Balliett & Willow Witte

Exactly one week since Amy Balliett and Willow Witte announced a national call to action for the LGBTQ community to protest Proposition 8 and to fight for equal rights across the nation, the community has come together at global numbers exceeding 1 million (According to early estimates from National Social Pages, and the social network).  “We will come out tomorrow in numbers this world has not yet seen,” Says Amy Balliett, co-founder of  “Rain or shine, our community will take to the streets to get the word out that equality is a human right and one that we will not stop working toward until it’s afforded to all citizens,” Says Willow Witte, JoinTheImpact’s other founder and organizer.

300 Cities around the country will participate in a simultaneous protest against Proposition 8 and for equality.  Founders of JoinTheImpact stress that this must be a peaceful protest and say that it’s main goal is to bring the conversation of equality to a national stage.  The movement launched on November 7th, 2008 and by Monday November 10th it went international.  Now all 50 US states and 10 Countries world-wide have joined the IMPACT.  Each protest will begin at the exact same time and will include prominent speakers such as local activists, government officials, celebrities, and religious leaders.  These speakers will carry the message of equality as well as one that encourages the entire community to unite for this cause.

JoinTheImpact founders hope that this world-wide event will drive the community into a very necessary Civil Rights Movement and have already joined forces with many other prominent organizations to keep the conversation of equality at the forefront of our nation’s mind.  The future of JoinTheImpact includes continued national demonstrations on the 10th of every month for their 10 months 10 lives changed initiative.  This includes working joining forces for December 10th’s Day Without a Gay, a January 10th international protest against DOMA, and a continued forum for open and respectful debate.  Please join the IMPACT locally and nationally, to find out how 10 conversations can make the impact that leads this nation into equality!


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