There is so much wrong with the McCain-Palin ticket that we hardly know where to begin.


Just when we thought John McCain couldn’t do another thing to stand in the way of women’s reproductive rights, he nominated anti-choice extremist Sarah Palin to be his running-mate.

There is so much wrong with the McCain-Palin ticket that we hardly know where to begin. We’ve been trying to come up with some ideas—will you help us sum up what this ticket means for a woman’s right to choose?

Click here to submit your idea for a bumper sticker slogan that will introduce your community to the extreme anti-choice McCain-Palin ticket, and next week you’ll get to vote for the best slogan.

McCain and Palin have made their intentions on choice crystal clear.

At the Saddleback Forum a few weeks ago, McCain said: “I will be a pro-life president and this presidency will have pro-life policies.” And when Palin ran for lieutenant governor in 2002, she told the Alaska Right to Life Board that she was as “pro-life as any candidate can be.”

And their records back up their claims—McCain voted against allowing women to access birth control, and Palin, a member of the anti-choice group Feminists for Life, said during her campaign for governor that she is opposed to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.

The only “change” McCain and Palin are serious about is overturning Roe v. Wade.

Be funny, creative, critical—and keep it clean.

With just 55 days left until Election Day, the time to fight back is now. We know that when pro-choice swing voters learn just how strongly John McCain and Sarah Palin oppose freedom and privacy, they’ll reject the anti-choice ticket. But we need your help to get the message out.

Thank you for everything you do. Together, we can put pro-choice values back in the White House.

My best,

Nancy Keenan

Nancy Keenan
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America


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