Yes, I will do that.

Ok so I have posted a blog on here stating i need to raise some money…..a lot of money and that I will paint a picture….make up a story ( thanks to Dan for giving me $10.00 dollars) I appreciate it!!! Sooooooooo…..I just got an email from  Sarah who wanted me to take a picture of me making a funny face for $5.00. Ok.

 Why not, but we need to clear some things up. I have gotten some very naughty requests and those things just aren’t going to happen. And what’s up with the guys who want to take me out to dinner to discuss things. Nope. Not gonna happen. I also received an email from a guy who wanst me to call and wake him up every morning for a couple of months. I would absolutely do that, but a wake up service will cost you more than $10.00, sir. 🙂


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