Zapora’s cafepress store

I have had some people ask me about t-shirts with my avatar on it soooooooo I went to cafepress and I am setting up a shop right now. its not done yet, but I promise to get it done today. I am trying to raise some money so if anyone has an extra dollar ot two…..or five………or ten. You get the picture. Remember karma comes back……….do good things get good things back!

If you send me a $100.00 or more I will write you a silly little one of a kind story about the animal of your choice. I could also draw a picture for $500.00 or more. I do draw like a 5 year old though. Here’s an example.

Told ya. It’s ok I am comfortable with the fact that I draw like a little kid. Some people like that. 🙂

Heres the link to the store.



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