Give people in need money through paypal?

There are some websites that allow people in need to make posts and then you can read these posts and f you want make donations to them through paypal. What I find very disturbing is that the spammer **holes are trying to rip those people off. Now how would that even be possible??? You are trying to rip off people that are being honest (we hope) and saying they don’t have nay money and need help?? You have to be soul less to do that. It’s bad enough they have suckered the elderly, but now they are targeting people who have already hit bottom? Wow. I would think people would know by now that the whole money order thing is a scam. Why would someone need to send you a money order and then have you send them one back minus whatever amount you were supposed to take out. Ridiculous!! Whats sad is that people all over the world are n serious economical trouble because the governments in these countries don’t care what happens to their people. Is the US in for another recession??

Here are the links to the websites. So weird.

I also found this weird website which seems to be asking people for  $1??

It appears that when you donate a $1 you can then post a message in the forum. Looks like a lot of people asking for money themselves inside the forum. Are things really that bad in Nigeria tha they can only make money trying to con people?? I doubt it.


I received emails from people telling me about other websites and blogs for this. Apparently this is  way for some to make money and pay off debt. Really. Here are some more.

This girl raised $20,000 to pay off credit card debt and now has a book.

Ummm….I’m not sure what was going on with this one.

There were actually a lot more, but have been taken down. That is crazy.



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