We need clean energy today!

Americans are paying the price — a record $4 a gallon — for the Bush administration’s disastrous energy policies.

We have the opportunity to change course — to take steps that give consumers real relief, put us on the path to a clean energy economy and end Big Oil’s chokehold on our economy. The Senate is about to vote again on the Consumer-First Energy Act of 2008 (S. 3044).  But we need Senator John McCain‘s help – and yours – to get it passed.

Right now, Senator McCain is running ads in Ohio featuring wind turbines and images of clean energy sources, yet Senator McCain opposes requiring the use of wind and solar power to generate electricity.1

Americans deserve action on clean energy. So we’ve put together a radio ad this week to persuade Senator McCain to support the Consumer-First Energy Act. But we need to raise up to $75,000 to run our ad in Ohio – will you chip in $25 to help run this radio ad asking John McCain to do more than just TALK about clean energy – but to actually VOTE for clean energy?

Although Senator McCain continually references clean energy, he’s argued against incentives for the clean energy industry2 while demanding billions in subsidies for nuclear power3 and refusing to impose windfall profits taxes on Big Oil.4

With your help we can ensure that Senator McCain hears from people like us – people who are squeezed by the high cost of energy and eager to transition to cheaper, cleaner choices. 

We need to get word to Senator McCain that he should put consumers first. There’s no time to waste

Together we’ll tell him to stop spinning windmills and start supporting them by voting for the Consumer-First Energy Act of 2008.

And together, we’ll make sure Senator McCain hears from ALL the people, not just the special interests.






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