Featured artist: Kelli Stretesky

This girl has an unbelievable eye. Such color and depth. My personal favorite is Lawlessness. I love that painting!!!! Someday it will be in my living room………someday.

Kelli Stretesky
Lawlessness, 2002
Oil on canvas
36″ x 48

Kelli Stretesky
In the Sea, 1995
Acrylic on board
12″ x 18″

Kelli Stretesky
Red Flower, 2003
Oil on canvas
48″ x 48″

Kelli Stretesky
Concrete Kiss, 1999
Acrylic on canvas
16″ x 20″

Like what you see? She has a myspace page and a page for her t-shirts. Yes, I said it. T-shirts. Gwt one of those and you will be fast on your way to becoming the coolest kid in your zipcode. She also has a website that you should check out. Links below.




Please support local artists. Don’t go out and get a reprint of a Van Gogh get an original one of a kind from a starving artist. i promise they will thank you for it.




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