David Mortari – Puppy Killer

David Mortari – Puppy Killer

I just saw this video for the first time today. I hadn’t even heard of it and stumbled upon a blog that mentioned it. Went to you tube and saw it. I will not post that video here or put a link to it because its sick and twisted. If you want to watch it you can find it yourself.

This moron David Mortari – Puppy Killer—-he will most likely forever be known as that and he should (you have to be seriously messed up in the head to even be capable of doing that) deserves a dishonorable discharge and he should have to explain his actions and be publicly ridiculed for what he’s done. Make a huge donation to the Humane Society and do public service. My god, serial killers start out killing animals. And to the people that say its only a puppy??!! Every one of us is important even the smallest of us.

If people can say that it’s ok to kill a puppy then this country and society is moving in a scary direction. I do not think it’s ok for people to harass his family They didn’t do anything. He did it and should take responsibility for his own actions…hes a grown-up.

I also don’t think people going around and leaving comments saying he should be killed is ok either. The very reason so many people are outraged is because he took a life. How in the world is taking his life any different?? You don’t teach anyone anything by punishing them they same way. He obviously needs extensive psychological counseling.

I can only imagine how ashamed and scared his family is. Leave them alone people!!!! Since when is someone else responsible for his actions. That’s just as insane as what he did. Your not being rational if you think its ok to attack his family whether its by calling them or writing them. Whatever. Leave them alone.

Are you outraged…want to do something? Then start a petiton to make sure he is dealt with the right away. Send a clear message about what human decency entails. Write the government about it. But do not harass his family. Their are more constructive ways to get your message across and make a difference. That being said I would still like to punch him in the face.


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