I am looking around at different webpages that tell you how you can make money just surfing around the internet. I just found one called Bux.to  and have signed up and just started looking at their program today. I have some friends who have been ripped off badly by some of these websites(not this one) so I thought I’d give some of the free ones a go and document it for the benefit of others.

I clicked on 6 different websites today and had to wait for 30 seconds—-it does show you in the upper left corner how long you have been on there and when the 30 seconds is up you get a green checkmark so it shows I have earned .09 and under my account balance it shows .15 I think there was like a .06 sign up bonus. 🙂

It does mention you can request payment once your account hits $10.00. My referral link is


I’m not sure how much they give you for referrals. Wait let me see if it says….Ahhhh so it mentions you can buy referrers from them and that will help you make more money. Hmm….that must be how they make their money. Getting people to buy referrers and make money faster?? I guess. I think though if people sign up underneath you than you get something from that? Maybe a penny for thier clicks…I’m not quite sure about that yet. I would need people to sign up under my link to really see what the benefit of that is.

So basically it looks like to me that what they are doing with this website is this. You can pay like $19.00 to get 1000 views on your website so that helps people get traffic which can help them get a higher google rate and the people who are looking at these websites get paid for doing it…only .01 a look, but I think they are hoping a lot more people will start doing this and that way everyone involved makes money. I could be wrong, but the whole charging for referrers is their direct way of making money now–the website that is.


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