Tibet Protests

Pro-Tibet demonstrators carry a sign which reads, “Stop Genocide in Tibet” during an anti-China march in Paris to protest against the leg of the Olympic torch relay in the French capital on April 7, 2008. A foot-relay of the Olympic torch through Paris was cancelled on Monday and the flame was put on a bus at the request of Chinese officials after pro-Tibetan protesters repeatedly snarled its progress, police said.


2 responses to “Tibet Protests

  1. There is so such thing like “Genocide” happening in Tibet at all. The story is faked. Nowadays Tibetan people receive good educations and live a modern life, they have access to mobile phones, computer networks, etc. you call this “Genocide” ? soooo…ridiculous! lol

  2. freetibetfromchina

    Clari must hate herself and all of China ti lie like this. How come she has no life? Just leaving comments on your blog because she jealous that noone cares what she has to say because its not true and she probaly thanks chinese government while they take her life away. Shame on you soul less liar clari.

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