Protests snuff out Olympic torch in Paris

 BEIJING/PARIS (Reuters) – The Olympic torch relay descended into chaos in Paris on Monday with officials having to extinguish the flame and carry it by bus when pro-Tibet protesters tried to seize it.

Chinese authorities condemned as “vile” the growing campaign by activists to use the buildup to the Beijing Olympics as a stage on which to condemn China‘s record in Tibet, on human rights in general and attack its foreign policy.

They said there would be no change to the elaborate ritual of carrying the flame around the world.

The Paris torch relay hit trouble almost as soon as it set off from the Eiffel Tower, and was repeatedly halted by protesters who threatened to break through the imposing security cordon thrown around the athletes carrying the flame.

The torch had to be extinguished at least twice and sheltered in a bus on several occasions from the thousands of demonstrators. A Chinese official was quoted by Xinhua news agency as saying it was put out for safety reasons.

Demonstrators carried banners declaring “Boycott Chinese goods” and “Save Tibet.”

“We are doing our best but it will take the world to put pressure on China to help bring democracy and human rights to Tibet,” said Phurbu Dolker, a 21-year-old Tibetan refugee.

Police detained 18 protesters, the Interior Ministry said.

Embarrassed Chinese organizers cancelled a reception for the torch at Paris city hall at the last minute after a banner supporting human rights was hung from the facade, Paris mayor Bernard Delanoe told reporters.

“The Chinese officials decided they would not stop here because they were put out by Parisian citizens expressing their support for human rights. It is their responsibility,” he said.

It was a second consecutive day of chaos for the torch run.

Thousands of protesters waving Tibetan flags and shouting “Shame on China” turned Sunday’s British leg of the international relay billed by Beijing as the “harmonious journey” into an obstacle course. Police detained 35 people.

The torch arrives on Wednesday in San Francisco, where three pro-Tibet activists scaled the cables of the city’s famed Golden Gate Bridge and hung protest banners on Monday. “One World, One Dream: Free Tibet,” read one of them.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge said he was very concerned “with the international situation and what’s happened in Tibet.”

“Violence for whatever reason is not compatible with the values of the torch relay and the Olympic Games,” he said in a speech to the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) in Beijing. “Some people have played with the idea of boycotts. As I speak today, there is no momentum for a general boycott.”


“A tiny number of Tibet independence elements sought to disrupt the relay of the Olympic Games sacred flame through London,” Xinhua quoted a spokesperson for the Beijing Olympic Games torch relay office as saying of the London events.

“We strongly condemn this vile behavior.”

Beijing Organizing Committee Director of Media and Communications Wang Hui told a news conference:

“The smooth progress of the torch relay cannot be stopped and will definitely be a big success.”

Tibet’s capital, Lhasa, was hit last month by Buddhist monks’ protests against Chinese rule which gave way to rioting. Since then security forces have poured in to reimpose control there and in other restive Tibetan areas.

Exiled Tibetans accuse China of systematic oppression of the Himalayan region over decades, and of the killing, torture and unjust imprisonment of those who oppose Beijing’s rule.


U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton urged President George W. Bush on Monday to boycott the Olympics opening ceremonies unless China improves human rights.

Clinton, in a statement, cited clashes in Tibet and the lack of pressure by China on Sudan to stop “the genocide in Darfur.”

Bush has resisted pressure to change his plans to attend.

As well as Tibet, activists are also focusing on Sudan, where critics say Beijing has not done enough to help stop violence in Darfur.

The U.N. children’s agency UNICEF said on Monday it had withdrawn from the North Korean leg of the Olympic torch run because it would not help draw attention to the plight of children in North Korea.

China accuses Tibet’s exiled Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama, of organizing the unrest. Tibet’s Communist Party chief Zhang Qingli has called him a “jackal in Buddhist monk’s robes.”

Chinese popular opinion backs official claims that followers of the Dalai Lama timed the unrest to disrupt the games. He has denied this and said he wants autonomy, not independence.

Speaking at a Beijing news conference after meeting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said she had called on China to reopen dialogue with the Dalai Lama.

China says 19 people died in the Lhasa unrest, mostly at the hands of Tibetan rioters. Representatives of the Dalai Lama say about 140 people died in broader unrest across Tibet and nearby areas, most of them Tibetans killed by Chinese security forces.;_ylt=Ai3.dOFlJ86BBl.k277Zttlg.3QA



26 responses to “Protests snuff out Olympic torch in Paris

  1. It was a Black day for Gordon Brown and the UK govt.

    Who authorised the use of Chinese security personnel in London?

  2. Shame on Dalai who wants to be the dictator of Tibet.

  3. what’s happened in Tibet is Tibetan people are now enjoying a better life than when they were ruled by Dalai and his monks. That is what makes Dalai so upset nowdays

  4. Clari do you honestly believe that??? If so, you are obviously brainwashed.

  5. You probably get brainwashed by CNN, I suspect! We Chinese people fully support the crackdown operation carried out by our government. From all the evidence gathered, the rioting monks clearly were the ones to blame. The monks who launched the turmoil are so evil, they burn, they rob, they damage public infrastructure. Who can tolerate those crazy people? Can you?
    It is ridiculous that some media call it peaceful protest. Shame on those journalists who tried to brainwash their readers by distorted report!

    And you know why the monks want independence? That is simply because Dalai wants to remain a dictator of Tibet! When Tibet was ruled by Lama, the monks enjoyed many privileges including raping girls as many as they wanted and as freely as they pleased and they lived luxurious lives without having to labor as they had so many slaves working for them day and night! However, the liberation of Tibet took away all the privileges, that is why the monks hated Chinese government so much and desperately did everything to reclaim the power! However, their conspiracies are doomed to fail

  6. Zapora do you believe in CNN ? the one who get brainwashed is not me but u!
    PS: you deleted my two comments! you coward

  7. Wow Clari not only are you brainwashed but also not very bright. Deleted your comments??? They hadn’t been approved yet you simple minded fool. I suggest you go to school, get an education, also go on a serious spiritual journey because you seem to so desperately need one. Just like all the other chinese government lackies you don’t use the facts for your discussions only the propaganda bullshit your government feeds you by the mouthful and you swallow it willingly. Shame on you for not having the integrity to discuuss things in an honorable way and not using the FACTS. You think because you say something it makes it true? But I am not surprised by that at all. Maybe one day you will wake up and use the brain you were given for something other than baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhing and repeating what your governement tells you to believe.
    I get most of my news from the BBC. You get yours from controlled. communist China. Anyone with an IQ above 80 can see whos getting filtered information…

  8. Thank goodness you told that little liar off Zapora. And, of course, you did it conducting yourself in an intelligent and honorable manner while the little chinese fool could only lie and make herself(?) look stupid. I love it!!!

  9. For those of you who left really hateful comments directed to Clari—I will not post vicious comments. Thats just ridiculous—yes she is obviously wrong, but that is not the way to handle this discussion. If you want to say something constructive and true then fine, but do not think for one second you will use this blog to make racist, hateful comments. Thank you.

  10. wow, you have freedom of speech, yet you need to wait for approval for your comment? in china, we can leave any comment in anyone’s blog without waiting for the socalled moderation. we absolutely enjoy better freedom of speech in China. you must be envious of us

  11. Janine is right you are a little liar. 🙂
    Comments are moderated because of half wits like yourself who only spout lies instead of the truth. And freedom in China? Now your really showing everyone how low your IQ is get off my blog and get your own you pathetic attention hound. Your boring. Or wait….when you get an education then you can come back and debate, but so far you’ve only shown how laughable you are.

  12. Bloody hell! That Clari is a liar and is very well working for the damned Chinese government. Who the hell does she think shes kidding spouting off that China has freedom of speech?F*ck all.

  13. Hi Shawn. Yes, your right she is. Thanks for not typing out that word completely….I appreciate it.

  14. Thank you for telling that liar to get lost. Its just not possible to have any sort of intelligent conversation with someone who can’t even be honest with herself. I love your blog, by the way. Cheers.

  15. Hi David. Your welcome. Thanks. I’m glad you like my blog.

  16. I just went back and read all the comments and I think Shawn is spot on. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was sussed out that this Clari girl is heavily medicated. Shes the worst kind of worker bee.

  17. David you are more right than you know. The pathetic little freak is throwing a temper tantrum because she has been labeled as spam and can no longer leave pathetic comments on this blog. hahahahaha

  18. I bloody well called it didn’t I? She needs to have her dosage doubled on her meds. I am so glad that you have labeled her comments as spam. I loathe it when people let idiots like that over run a blog. She can bloody well get her own blog! She’s a fair idiot.

  19. It is so funny to see a bunch of brainwashed British think they are better informed and better educated than we Chinese.

    I just don’t understand why you people think you know everything while you are too Prejudice to see any truth.

    The fact is you don’t know nothing about the histry, the slavery, and I guarantee that none of you guys has ever been to Tibet, oh, excuse me for using the stupid British name, but “Xi Zang” is what we call the place since we become one family 2000 years ago.

    And zapora, you can call Clari half wits when you can speak or type even one Chinese word.

  20. Andydick—fitting avatar name since you seem to be just that.
    I can call Clari whatever I want and half wit seemed to be the kindest thing she could be called. I don’t have to know how to speak chinese nor do I want to…though Japanese would be something I would be honored to learn. If I go and leave comments on a chinese blog then maybe your comment would fit—maybe, but not here on an english blog. Grow up—its everyone else against China is that it? Theres nothing more pathetic than a group of people throwing temper tantrums for being exposed for the liars and cowards they are. Yes, I am talking about you and your friend Clari.

  21. To curly:
      Who authorised the use of Chinese security personnel in London? –It’s your goverment!
      If you think it’s a black day, while yes, it is. It’s because so many people in London and U.S are blinded by the media they though right. They pretend to help Chinese human right, BUT never want to listen what Chinese thinking about and hurt Chinese heart from inside!
    To everyone here:
      Although we don’t have good English, but at least we understand what you are talking, what you are writing. Do you understand Chinese? Do you know how really truth in China? Do you know how Chinese living in Tibet think about? Have you been there? What you know is just from the media those anti-chinese goverment.

      You thought we are brainwashed, actually you guys are really brainwashed. We can hear CNN, NBC, BBC, can you see and understand any news really from China? Who really lost? Who really is idiot?
      Olympic is a bridge for friendship, not a playground for polictis.
      And if you guys think you are stand for peace, truth, and smart, go to, one of bigest forums in China, find someone translate for you. There are many anti-goverments, but no one support Tibet free, no one support protest Olympic 2008.
    Finally, One world, one dream is the sentence we used to support 2008 Beijing Olympic, not used to support Free Tibet. Tibet was, is , and always will be a part of China!No matter how I hate goverment, I won’t doing the things seperate my mortherland. That’s the spirit of evrey real Chinese.

    Don’t doing the things of hurt Chinese people if you guys think you still have ethic.

  22. Mythneverfall

    Just when I think you might be somewhat intelligent you show me I was wrong. Its VERY obvious I am stating that YOU are acting as if it is China against the world hence the question mark. I will give you the benefit of the doubt one more time and one more time only and assume its because of the language and maybe you didn’t get that.

  23. It’s obvious why there’s so much ridiculous behavior by you, clari and goodness knows who else. Instead of listening and being honest you are all so quick to jump to conclusions and name call. That is ridiculous and solves nothing. You seem so fond of calling people cowards and saying shame on you when really it is you who should be ashamed!!! Jumping to your ridiculous conclusions and letting your pathetic ego dictate and taint everything you say. Again…another boring useless conversation much like the one Clari started.

  24. David and Shawn both wanted to know if Clari was still trying post comments. The answer is yes, she is. Truly the most pathetic person I have ever seen. She doesn’t have anything better to do? Or noone can stand to be around her for more than 2 seconds….prbably a bit of both.

  25. freetibetfromchina

    Thank zapora. Thank for posting these things and not letting them push you down. Clari and all these others are soul less. China beats you down and makes you cry and hurt. Long live the dalai lama. I will not be quiet.

  26. Thank you for your comment.

    Everyone of us, even the least of us, is still divine.

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