Choice Challenge 2008

Sen. John McCain is anything BUT a moderate when it comes to a woman’s right to choose. Since 1983 Sen. McCain has cast 125 anti-choice votes out of 130 opportunities.

But it gets worse. Sen. McCain has never cosponsored or supported legislation that would prevent unintended pregnancy or reduce the need for abortion. We can’t let John McCain become our next president. Not if we value women’s reproductive freedom!

McCain’s record is deplorable! And it’s going to be an uphill battle to spread the truth about “The Real McCain.”

That’s why a group of your fellow NARAL Pro-Choice America members have stepped up to the plate with half of the funds to challenge you — and all of us — to make a difference now by getting us to $65,000.

Donate to the Choice Challenge 2008 Fund immediately to double our resources dollar for dollar!

We need you to help us reach the goal of $65,000 for our Protect & Elect campaign, as well as our daily work nationwide to protect a woman’s right to choose.

If you can help meet the $65,000 challenge, then we will have twice as much money in-hand to fight for choice.

This opportunity comes when NARAL Pro-Choice America desperately needs the resources to defeat John McCain and keep all of our work going!

The fact is, during a quarter century in Congress, Sen. McCain has shown nothing but contempt for our reproductive freedoms. Now we have a chance to stop him from taking his contempt for choice to the next level!

With your help, we will identify more than one million voters nationwide, tell them the truth about “The Real McCain” through the mail, phone, and other media, and persuade 1.23 million pro-choice Republican and Independent women in key congressional districts to vote pro-choice — something no other group can or will do.

Please donate now to the Choice Challenge 2008 Fund and DOUBLE what we can do to protect a woman’s right to choose.

Donate to the Choice Challenge 2008 Fund immediately! We can’t afford to fail.


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