Prince Charles to meet with Dalai Lama in London

LONDON (AFP) – Prince Charles will meet with the Dalai Lama in London in May, a spokesman confirmed Thursday, just a day after Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he would do the same, much to Beijing‘s ire.

The announcement by the prince is likely to also draw opposition from Beijing, which said it was “seriously concerned” over Brown’s plans to meet the Tibetan leader when he vists London.

Asked by AFP whether the prince would meet with the Dalai Lama, a spokesman for the royal said: “Yes, that is accurate.”

The spokesman declined to comment further, however.

In January, Charles told a group that campaigns against human rights abuses in Tibet that he would not be attending the Beijing Olympics in August.

The prince is a well-known supporter of the Tibetan cause, and hosted a reception at St. James’s Palace in May 2004 for the spiritual leader, whom Beijing regards as a separatist.

He has also not spoken kindly of China’s leaders in the past — in a diary entry made public in 2006, Charles wrote on the occasion of Hong Kong‘s handover to China in 1997 that China’s leaders resembled a “group of appalling old waxworks”.

Read the rest here:;_ylt=Ar1j5ZQ8.OE1YW1ZdB9v1Qj9xg8F


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