Articles, posts, and comment about the Dalai Lama and China

 I have received emails from Chinese people asking why I am taking sides on this issue.  So to this I respond by saying:

I will continue to post and show links to articles that are being posted on the internet about whats happening in Tibet and how China is responding. It’s very important in my opinion and what’s very surprising to me are the hateful articles, comments, posts, videos about this situation. People are you kidding me???? Really???

It’s astounding to me the number of people who are apparently trying to rewrite history. What??!! You can’t just say something is a fact when it isn’t so. Facts are facts and cannot be changed to serve your own purpose.

Below are questions someone posed in a forum:

—-Do you think the US would give Hawaii back to the Hawaiians? California, Texas etc back to Mexico?

Or would all Canadians, Americans, Australians give back their countries to the “Natives”?

The difference with China is that no genocide of natives took place in Tibet, or the Tibetan problem would not be cropping, and who would help the American Indians fight its battle? The Tibetans got the CIA & the West.—-

Yes, I know ridiculous. Here’s the thing. Do you think Hawaii wants to be by itself outside of the US?

California and Texas back to Mexico??? Those people wouldn’t want to go back to Mexico. My god. Really??? Thats part of the whole point a lot of people are making. The people of Tibet aren’t being given a choice!!! Hello.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s very simple. And as far as indigenous people getting their land back. I absolutely think the native americans in America should be given a large amount of land. What America has perpetrated against them is horrible, but America admits to what they have done. China doesn’t. This is the year 2008 are people saying that in this day and age its ok to keep oppressing people? And don’t even bring up Iraq to me I am one of the Americans (and there are quite a few) who think we never should have gone over there and have protested the war so get another angle—-that one is old. Anyone who watches the news knows America is divided because of the Iraq war.

Instead China keeps insisting the Dalai Lama is evil and behind it all. Someone please send me a link to an article that shows the Dalai Lama is calling for China to get out of Tibet. A recent article!!!!!!!!!! All I have seen is the Dalai Lama asking China and the Tibetan monks to behave peacefully.

If your country commited atrocities in the past, you can never again speak up about current human rights abuses? That is absolutely ridiculous…that would mean that everyone has to shut up. 🙂


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