Dalai Lama calls for Tibet probe

 BEIJING – The Dalai Lama called Sunday for an international investigation into China‘s crackdown against protesters in Tibet, which he said is facing a “cultural genocide” and where his exiled government said 80 people were killed in the violence.

The demonstrations were the fiercest challenge to Beijing‘s rule in the region in nearly two decades, leading to sympathy protests elsewhere and embarrassing China ahead of the Olympic Games.

Along with 80 killed, some 72 people were injured in the protests, said Thubten Samphel, a spokesman for the exiles. He said the figures were confirmed by multiple sources inside Tibet who had counted corpses. China’s state media said 10 people died.

Meanwhile, hundreds of armed police and soldiers patrolled the streets of Lhasa two days after Tibetans torched buildings and stoned Chinese residents. Hong Kong Cable TV reported some 200 military vehicles, carrying 40 to 60 armed soldiers each, drove into the city center of Lhasa on Sunday.

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